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Courtyard Residence / Ming Architects

Courtyard Residence

Courtyard Residence is a family home designed by Ming Architects, a Singapore based design architect firm.

From the architect: A 7m high double volume courtyard is the heart of this multi-generational family home. Spanning across this dramatic architectural space, a slim suspended bridge connects the front and rear wings of the house, which the parents and their children’s families occupy.

Courtyard Residence 1

Over the central koi pond floats a grand feature steel staircase which spans 3 storeys high, with a vertical black pebble feature wall as its canvas backdrop. teak timber strips line the ceilings and act as screens on the external walls of the house, producing a warm contrast to the polished sleek white internal marble finishes and black pebble wall within the heart of the house. Photography: Edward Hendricks

Courtyard Residence 2

Courtyard Residence 3

Courtyard Residence 4

Courtyard Residence 5

Courtyard Residence 6

Courtyard Residence 7 Courtyard Residence 10

Courtyard Residence 7

Courtyard Residence 9

Courtyard Residence 11

Courtyard Residence 12

Courtyard Residence 13

Courtyard Residence 14

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