Residential ArchitectureApartmentsCurvy House, Madrid / Laura Ortín Arquitectura

Curvy House, Madrid / Laura Ortín Arquitectura

Curvy House, Madrid / Laura Ortin Arquitectura

Project: Curvy House
Architects: Laura Ortin Arquitectura
Location: Madrid, Spain
Area: 70 m2
Year: 2019
Photo Credits: David Frutos

House for a documentary maker. Comprehensive reform of an apartment in Madrid.

We are in the neighborhood of Ventas, a neighborhood with a mix of mixes already possible.

Our client needs a new home close to city center, for her, her son and her books.

Curvy House, Madrid / Laura Ortin Arquitectura

The house that we have in origin is built with load-bearing walls and a old distribution of corridors and rooms in checkerboard where the light hardly entered. Narrow, useless spaces and above all without soul.

Curvy House, Madrid / Laura Ortin Arquitectura

With these conditions a global reform is proposed. A round central core of damp and the rest for rest uses occupying the spaces between walls. The step is dignified with a large bookcase that accompanies you where our client can receive their books and feel accompanied by them. This creates a friendly and pleasant connection space.

Curvy House, Madrid / Laura Ortin Arquitectura

She wanted a white bathroom and kitchen, that color is cleanliness, purity and calm so we accompany her desires without losing the cozy character that all the spaces of a home should have.

kitchen, Laura Ortin Arquitectura

A sense of order and peace invades the Curvy house, perhaps because of the light that goes through the heart of the House or perhaps because of the cadence of precious spaces created.

Curvy House, Madrid / Laura Ortin Arquitectura

Emulating a detail in the guest house that Wright built in the Waterfall House, we create a mirror effect between the step library and the work module of the son’s room. This is important because a house has its doors open so we can see things from different angles. We think that each space is part of a whole, so we take care of that detail.

Curvy House, Madrid / Laura Ortin Arquitectura

The reform of this house solves habitual problems of the new ways of life. Our client can live in her own, live with her child, invite family members sometimes. Flexibility here is understood from the spatial proportion and equity of finishes. It is a house that does not reject you, embraces you, welcomes you.

bedroom, Laura Ortin Arquitectura

floor plan

bathroom, Laura Ortin Arquitectura



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