Residential ArchitectureSmall apartmentsEclectic Cluttered London Studio by Normless Studio

Eclectic Cluttered London Studio by Normless Studio

Eclectic Cluttered London Studio by Normless Studio

Project: Eclectic Cluttered London Studio
Interior design: Normless Studio
Location: Islington, London
Date: 2019
Size: 37 m2
Photo Credits: Eeva Rinne

Designed to follow the needs and unique aesthetic of a design lover, this 37 sqm studio in Islington, is the synonym of refinement and luxury. Comprising an entrance hall, bathroom and open plan living room, kitchen and bedroom celebrates materiality through the diverse use of textures, making the ideal backdrop for the design pieces of the apartment.

living room, Normless Studio

Eclectic Cluttered London Studio by Normless Studio

The renovation sought to make better use of space, maximize storage and update finishes creating an earthy and warm atmosphere. The transparent black framed partition separates the living room and the kitchen from the bedroom, while creating a feeling of a single space. The custom marble sink in the dark and moody bathroom is combined with metal fixtures evoking a sense of luxury.

kitchen, Normless Studio

dining room, Normless Studio

The contemporary, harsh feel of stainless steel used in the custom handmade cabinetry and counter, marble and lacquer, juxtaposes the warm and cozy sense of velvet and linen fabrics used throughout the apartment. A color scheme of subtle tones on the walls and ceilings amplify the natural light coming from the street facing windows. The prominent dining table made of travertine serves as a centerpiece with its monolithic form complemented by the elegant silhouette of a three-legged chair. The armchair and coffee table in the living room follow the same archetypal volumes. These graphical interpretations of ancient, almost brutal, volumes bring unexpected character and comfort to the contemporary living space.

Eclectic Cluttered London Studio by Normless Studio

Eclectic Cluttered London Studio by Normless Studio

Eclectic Cluttered London Studio by Normless Studio

bedroom, Normless Studio

bathroom, Normless Studio

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