Folded Roof House / Toob Studio

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Folded Roof House - Toob Studio

Folded Roof House is a 120 sqm retreat home designed by Toob Studio, a architecture studio based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Vietnam is a tropical country of typical humid climate, which varies in two distinguished weather. The temperatures picking up from 38 Celsius degree in the summer may drop drastically down to 10 Celsius degree during the winter. Since Hanoi entered the industrialization era, climate changes in the capital city have become more and more serious. These dramatic changes and the swamp of new technologies enlarge the anxiety about nature of urban inhabitants and thus, bear the rampant emergence of box architecture pairing with the rise of air conditioners.

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 1

Ba Vi is located 30 kilometers away from Hanoi capital. Its temperatures stay steadily cool at around 28 even as Hanoi’s rise up to 38 Celsius degree. Thanks to its primitive mountainous ecosystem mostly unaffected by humans and the variations of wild animals still inhabiting in this area, Ba Vi is the ideal location for urban inhabitants to enjoy and start reconciling with nature. This, too, is the primary objective for us to start this project and carry out all of its missions.

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 2

The performance lasted in the average of 4 months using local materials and moderate structuring methods so that local constructors could be promptly accustomed to after training and skill advancing.

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 3

At quick glance, the high-low rooftop system creates an interesting fold to alternate the normal look of viewpoints. The lower roof widens and darkens the shade over the large terrace, which helps to reduce indoor temperature and temperature differences during hot weather.

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 4

Regarding functionality, the living room is clear from internal spatial divides and becomes the place for urban inhabitants to connect with one another and return to nature.

Architects: Toob Studio
Project: Folded Roof House
Location: Yên Bài, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Area: 120.0 sqm
Budget: 30.000 USD
Photographs: Lê Anh Đức

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 5

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 6

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 7

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 8

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 9

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 18

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 10

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 11

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 13

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 14

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 15

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 16

Folded Roof House - Toob Studio 17

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