Architecture and Interior Design StudiosDAS DesignGemdale • Casa Oia Sales Center by DAS Design

Gemdale • Casa Oia Sales Center by DAS Design

Gemdale • Casa Oia Sales Center by DAS Design

Project name: Gemdale • Casa Oia Sales Center
Location: Beihai, China
Client: Beihai Ever Bright Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd.
Interior design: DAS Design Co., Ltd.
Team: Cui Duan, Luo Hui, Fu Zhiheng, Zhang Yuan, Ye Shaoling, Chen Yongqiu, Tan Ling, Lai Haojun, Fan Chenming
Decoration design: Wooking Design Co., Ltd.
Completion time: September 11, 2020
Area: 1,060 m2
Photography: Mconcept
Text by DAS Design

The Casa Oia Sales Center is a property sales center located in Beihai, Guangxi, China. As one of the starting points of the Maritime Silk Road, Beihai has been witnessing the fusion and collision between Oriental and Western cultures, which add a sense of mystery to ancient roads. The design takes inspiration from local environment and cultural context, and at the same time extracts unique elements of mountain and sea, thereby creating a poetic space that resonates with users.

Beihai Ever Bright Real Estate Investment, interior design DAS Design

The design abstracts flowing ripples on the sea, and incorporates the form of sea water into the space via the rich changes of light and shadows. Visitors are encouraged to capture the moments where water surface ripples and to think about changes in life.

interiors, DAS Design

Without a fixed form, light produces an artistic atmosphere, and runs through edges and corners of the space in a natural manner. Mountains are enclosed by light, and the sea seems to be very close. Spatial expressions stimulate reflection and exploration, hence enhance the charm of the space.

Gemdale • Casa Oia Sales Center by DAS Design

Nature endows all things with a changing form. The Casa Oia Sales Center project adopts minimalist design languages to narrate the rolling form of sea waves and translates it into an art installation, which shows dramatic visual effects and seems to shack off the shackles of spatial boundary.

architectural interior, DAS Design The imagination about mountain and sea is the design thread that runs through the entire space. Light shines on rocks, and is refracted and extended by glass.

Gemdale • Casa Oia Sales Center by DAS Design Starting with infinite imagination, the project explores the real color of life. The design extracts the simplistic and pure essence of deep-sea coral, to integrate the space with nature and awaken the true self.


Gemdale • Casa Oia Sales Center by DAS Design

Gemdale • Casa Oia Sales Center by DAS Design

Gemdale • Casa Oia Sales Center by DAS Design

Gemdale • Casa Oia Sales Center by DAS Design

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