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Hadera Apartment / Sfaro Architects

Hadera Apartment

Hadera Apartment is a single-family home with an interesting interior design conceived by Sfaro Architects, an architecture studio founded by Bosmat Sfadia Wolf and Nir Rothem in 2009. The apartment has 102 square meters area and is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Photographs by Shai Epstein

Hadera Apartment 1

Hadera Apartment 2

Hadera Apartment 3

Hadera Apartment 6

Hadera Apartment 4

Hadera Apartment 5

Hadera Apartment 7

Hadera Apartment 8

Hadera Apartment 9

Hadera Apartment 10

Hadera Apartment 11

Hadera Apartment 12 Hadera Apartment 13

Hadera Apartment 14

Hadera Apartment 15

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