Hill Country Modern House, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

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Hill Country Modern House / Dick Clark + Associates

Project: Hill Country Modern House
Architects: Dick Clark + Associates
Interior Design: Dick Clark + Associates
Builder: Seymour Construction
Location: Austin, Texas
Area: 7,257 sf
Year 2018
Photo Credits: Dror Baldinger
Text by Dick Clark + Associates

On a large private lot at the foothills of the Hill Country, this client wanted their house to be ingrained in nature, rather than up on the hill towards the view; what results is a beautiful play fashioned amongst landscape and building – with each one stealing the spotlight from each other around every bend. To achieve greater privacy and to use the superior natural quality of it’s surroundings, we have nestled the house deep into the lot and worked integrally with the Landscape Architect to create a balance in the environmental setting and positioning.

Hill Country Modern House / Dick Clark + Associates

The design solution involves a plan orientation that is unorthodox. The rear of house, with rooms configured around the swimming pool and courtyard terrace, is oriented towards the access road – while the entry to the house is situated towards the rear of property. A wonderfully challenging Hill Country Modern House project that utilizes all aspects of the design process to make use of the entire lot in the best possible way: functionally, effectively and naturally.

Hill Country Modern House, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

entrance hall, hallway, ceramic tile floors, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

Hill Country Modern House, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

 living room, sofa, wood burning fireplace, ceramic tile floors, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

 kitchen, granite counters, stone slab backsplashes, wood cabinets, range hood, ceramic tile floors, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

kitchen, stone slab backsplashes, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

Hill Country Modern House, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

bedroom,dark hardwood floors, night stands, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

 bath room, ceramic tile floors, freestanding tubs, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

bathroom, vessel sinks, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

terrace, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

Hill Country Modern House, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

Hill Country Modern House, Texas / Dick Clark + Associates

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