Restaurant Interior Design

The RESTAURANT Interior Design category invite you to both have a virtual tour through world restaurants and to virtually drink your coffee in the most coquettish cafes, cafes which have been created by the most appreciated architects and designers in the world. HomeWorldDesign presents you the most important achievements regarding bars and restaurant interior design, achievements that are to make your passion for beauty also expend towards such design projects. The more you wish to develop a business in this domain, the more useful this category can be proven to be.

Cafe Crust by Ignitus Architectural Studio

We encounter at the Cafe Crust, an unique approach expressed by a contrast design, a project made by Ignitus Architectural Studio in Ahmadabad, India. Once entered in this cafe, you will feel like you have stepped into another world, the ambiance is not connected with anything from the outside world. The lights in contrast with […]

Ammo Restaurant – a Futurist and Retro Design by Joyce Wang

Inspired by the science fiction film, Alphaville, made in 1960 by Jean-Luc Godard, designer Joyce Wang created Ammo, a restaurant-bar in Hong Kong whose design pays tribute to creativity. The space built by the British Army in the mid 19th century, was used for a long time as a warehouse of explosives. Meanwhile, the building

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