Khalkedon Apartment in Instanbul / Escapefromsofa Studio

Khalkedon Apartment in Instanbul

Khalkedon apartment is the latest interior design project conceived and designed by Istanbul-based Escapefromsofa Studio. This penthouse apartment is located in Erenköy, a peaceful spot in Istanbul / Turkey. The layout is combined with two floors including one dining & living room, a kitchen, two master, one double guest, one single guest room and a wide terrace space.

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A contemporary modern style shows itself through every detail in the house. The living space is a blend of minimalistic lines enriched with luxurious materials such as brass, various İtalian marbles have been used in furnishings. Iroko flooring gives the space a warm welcoming atmosphere and custom designed wallpaper is the key element of the apartment.

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Custom designed mid-century style cabinets and storage units, premium solid wood and marble coffee tables tunes up with general aesthetics designed to comfort the residents.

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In every room the furniture are custom designed, mostly hand crafted, expressing a style variation in between them.

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This penthouse apartment opens to a terrace garden with a mesmerizing prince islands view through the living room.

Interior Design: Escapefromsofa Studio
Project: Khalkedon apartment
Apartment Size: 250 sqm
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Year: 2016
Photography: Ibrahim Ozbunar

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