Jardins Apartment Renovation / Flavia Torres Arquitetura

Jardins Apartment Renovation / Flavia Torres Arquitetura

Project Name: Jardins Apartment Renovation
Architecture: Flavia Torres Arquitetura
Collaborators: Flávia Prado, Tarsila Nagao
Builder: Avenge Construções
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Area:1615 ft²
Photo Credits: Maíra Acayaba

In the renovation of this 150m2 apartment, located in the Jardins neighborhood in São Paulo, the clients were willing to give up one of the three bedrooms to expand the social area of the house. However, when doing the structural prospecting, a sequence of linear concrete pillars was found, which prevented this expansion from taking place. The solution was to embrace and value this structure instead, seeking to integrate the two spaces created by it in the social area.

Jardins Apartment Renovation / Flavia Torres Arquitetura

The creation of a transversal element to the pillars was very important for this: a metallic bookcase was proposed, which, besides its function of storing objects, organizes the access to the other rooms of the house and adds value to the existing concrete structure.


The original floor of the apartment is made of two types of wood, which gives it a distinguished personality. It also plays an important role in the integration between the two sides of the structure, since it was complemented throughout the extension of the living room to maintain unity: a meticulous carpentry service, done with great care during the construction.

Finally, with the objective of giving privacy to the TV room, a second metallic shelf was created, parallel to the first, but smaller. This one, at the same time, separates these spaces whilst allowing light and ventilation to enter the dining room.

Jardins Apartment Renovation

floor plan

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