Residential ArchitectureRenovation ProjectsMellow Yellow Family Home in Highbury, London

Mellow Yellow Family Home in Highbury, London

Mellow Yellow Family Home

Designer: Daniel Hopwood Studio
Project: Mellow Yellow Family Home
Location: Highbury, London, United Kingdom
Year 2017
Photography: Andrew Beasley

A newly married couple approached me in a bit of a quandary. They had just bought a brand new house in north London. It certainly ticked all the boxes, with lots of space and plenty of bedrooms for a potential family and visiting parents. Sadly though the house lacked soul and was a little too open plan for their lifestyle. Each had strong opinions of how they wanted the house to look but their opinions differed somewhat and both having busy careers had little time to come to an agreement on what to do with their new home. That’s when Studio Hopwood stepped in.

The couple had clearly done their homework using previous projects from the web site to back up their individual ideas on how they wanted their home. I did point out that all my projects are tailored around specific clients and not necessarily suitable for them. Both understood as from there on a high level of creativity amongst us began and resulted in a home that stands out from the crowd. I do hope you agree. It appears that the weekend Times newspaper and Living Etc. magazine are in agreement as both have featured the house and my clients enjoying their life in it.

Mellow Yellow Family Home 1

We modified the bog standard kitchen with jazzy tiling and some extra bespoke pieces to make it look special. The open plan living room was split using Crittall windows and a sliding door to create TV room finished in dark moody wall and punchy cushions. The master bedroom certainly hits the glamour button. The hallway, well, we tried an uplifting yellow, its daring but I think we’ve got away with it. I’m getting carried away, I love this house with its mix of vintage and special modern pieces all carefully chosen amongst us all. Have a look yourself, I just hope that I have offered a little inspiration for what can be done with a modern home.

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Mellow Yellow Family Home 2

Mellow Yellow Family Home 3

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