Paseo de las Lilas House / Taller David Dana

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Paseo de las Lilas House / Taller David Dana

Project: Paseo de las Lilas House
Architects: Taller David Dana
Location: Pabellón Bosques, Lomas de Vista Hermosa, Mexico City, Mexico
Author: Architect David Dana
Area 407.0 m2
Project Year 2017
Photographer: Alessandro Bo

Description by Taller David Dana: The Paseo de las Lilas House stands 15 meters above ground. The main floor seats at the treetops level. This atypical architectural intervention seeks to create a direct bonding with the surrounding nature & also to maximize views & daylighting. The results are outstanding After we looked at the site and its context with detail, we decided that the foundation for this proposal would be a rustic/contemporary design, a fusion that produces perpetual appetite for innovation. On one side we integrated a few fragments that are recurrent in Mexican architecture and history. From the other we inserted contemporary ideas to counter culture the conventional architecture.

Paseo de las Lilas House / Taller David Dana

The project is developed under sidewalk level, on an existing construction of 748m2 built on 3 levels. The main idea of the Paseo de las Lilas House was to retake the already built elements from the structure and house and, protect it from the natural conditions of the land. The project is developed within the last two vertical blocks of the structure, in this way the project manages to contain open spaces interacting with the outside.

Paseo de las Lilas House / Taller David Dana

Based on a traditional program, it was agreed to project the house with a strong contemporary language, straight lines and pure volumes, inviting nature at all times to be an important part of the spaces inside the house, in this way the first level serves as the area of ​​common areas where the kitchen and dining room are related directly The Rimadesio glass sliding doors allow flexibility in the configuration of the kitchen space providing privacy when needed.

Paseo de las Lilas House / Taller David Dana

The upper floor of the house contains the private areas. The height of the ceiling and the depth of the space presented an opportunity that we decided to take with wood oak beams & a floor to ceiling bookshelf.

Paseo de las Lilas House

The architectural program of the ground floor N +112.35 consists of Room. Dining room, bookshelf, staircase, guest bathroom, storerooms, kitchen, pantry, vertical nucleus hall, elevator, service staircase.

Paseo de las Lilas House / Taller David Dana

The architectural program of the upper floor N +115.620 consists of office, lobby area, master bedroom, master bath-dressing room, secondary bedroom, secondary bathroom, bedroom 1, bathroom 1, and Family Room.

kitchen / Taller David Dana

Paseo de las Lilas House / Taller David Dana

stairs / Taller David Dana

bedroom / Taller David Dana

bathroom / Taller David Dana

bathroom / Taller David Dana

Paseo de las Lilas House / Taller David Dana

Paseo de las Lilas House / Taller David Dana

home office / Taller David Dana

terrace / Taller David Dana

Paseo de las Lilas House / Taller David Dana

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