Residential ArchitectureHousesThis Mexico City House is Conceived as a Harmony Between Architecture and...

This Mexico City House is Conceived as a Harmony Between Architecture and Lush Gardens

Mexico City House

Casa O’ is a Mexico City house designed by Despacho Arquitectos HV. The house was designed and built as a harmonious cohabitation between architecture and lush vegetation.

The fusion of exterior and interior areas, the integration of the surrounding and the landscape are main subjects of “Casa O'” which is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City.

Mexico City House 2

The aim for the specific design with our clients is to unfold an intimate landscape, in which different places and sceneries coexist, seeking to achieve functionality within an harmonious architectural with spaces surrounded by lush vegetation.

Mexico City House

Once you go through the hermetic facade of the street, it establishes a route that connects the habitable interior areas with the exterior. The generous and accessible interior facade allows interior spaces to extend to visual limits of the house, managing to dilute the garden and integrate it with these areas.

Architects: Despacho Arquitectos HV
Project: Mexico City House
Architect Principal: Héctor Velázquez Graham
Location: Ciudad de México, México
Photography: Paul Czitrom

Mexico City House 3

Mexico City House 4

Mexico City House 5

Mexico City House 6

Mexico City House 7

Mexico City House 8

Mexico City House 9

Mexico City House 9

Mexico City House 13

Mexico City House 10

Mexico City House 11

Mexico City House 12

Mexico City House 15

Mexico City House 16

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