Pedroso Apartment by Fenda Arquitetura

Pedroso Apartment , Fenda Arquitetura

Project: Pedroso Apartment
Interior Design: Fenda Arquitetura
Team: Bella Freidenson, Natalia Jansen
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Project size: 110 m2
Completion date 2022
Photo Credits: João Paulo Prado

Located in Itaim Bibi, a neighbourhood in São Paulo, Pedroso Apartment is a three-bedroom apartment designed for a young couple, who aimed for a timeless project and neutral colours scheme, with a subtle touch of classic style.

living area, Fenda Arquitetura

What were the solutions?
The main element of this project consists of a wooden panel that extends from the living room to the social entrance. Within it, there are several functions distributed throughout. Near the entrance of the apartment, in addition to an invisible door to access the kitchen, a small coatroom is created, with a bench with a shoe rack and a side support cabinet.

When it opens to the living room, we created a diagonal wall covered in Travertine Marble, where an ecological fireplace was installed. The slatted TV console extends to the limit of the room, sometimes with empty slats where the electronic equipment is stored, sometimes closed. In contrast to this large panel, we opted for lightness in the rest of the room, making little use of millwork, investing in loose furniture, and introducing boiserie as an important element on the walls.

Pedroso Apartment, Fenda Arquitetura

dining area, Fenda Arquitetura

What were the key challenges?
The conceptual challenge of this project was to maintain a classic design line with sober and light colours intersecting with the concept of modern straight lines and functionality, and a minimalist decoration.

Pedroso Apartment, Fenda Arquitetura

Who are the clients and what’s interesting about them?
Pedroso Apartment was the young couple’s first apartment. We designed the spaces thinking of combining comfort, aesthetics and practicality, so they could feel embraced by the space in their moments at home.
Both had good design references before we even started the project, which made the result easier to achieve.

bedroom, Fenda Arquitetura

Key products used:
Natural Oakleaf
Roman Travertine Marble

How is the project unique?
Pedroso Apartment creates, through its elements, a sophisticated and timeless atmosphere, focusing on aesthetic characteristics that do not lose their place in the architecture and design scene.

bedroom, Fenda Arquitetura

home office, Fenda Arquitetura

Pedroso Apartment, Fenda Arquitetura

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