Residential ArchitectureHousesSouth Yarra House by Robert Mills Architects

South Yarra House by Robert Mills Architects

South Yarra House

South Yarra House is a modern residence designed by Robert Mills Architects. The house is located in South Yarra, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

From the architect: Set on the border of suburbia but with all the joys of inner-city living, South Yarra House celebrates the best of both worlds.

South Yarra House 1

Rob Mills Architects accompanied the clients every step of the way, from searching for great land, building and interior design. Rob describes South Yarra House as having a ‘fantastic balance of suburban-style space and light with all the advantages of living in the center of town.’

South Yarra House 2

South Yarra Residence is a celebration of classic contemporary design. The design creates an understated first impression and a resonant natural materiality, achieved through the use of stone, timber and woven art.

South Yarra House 3

Throughout the interior, quality raw materials in a soft, natural palette and pale, polished plaster are contrasted by light-capturing metallic pieces. Moments of glamour created by soft wall lights throw a warm glow across the walls in the evening, reflecting in the bowls and gold framed artwork.

South Yarra House 5

South Yarra House 7

South Yarra House 9

South Yarra House 9

South Yarra House 13

South Yarra House 11

South Yarra House 14

South Yarra House 16

South Yarra House 19

South Yarra House 21

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