South Yarra House by Robert Mills Architects

South Yarra House

South Yarra House is a modern residence designed by Robert Mills Architects. The house is located in South Yarra, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

From the architect: Set on the border of suburbia but with all the joys of inner-city living, South Yarra House celebrates the best of both worlds.

South Yarra House 1

Rob Mills Architects accompanied the clients every step of the way, from searching for great land, building and interior design. Rob describes South Yarra House as having a ‘fantastic balance of suburban-style space and light with all the advantages of living in the center of town.’

South Yarra House 2

South Yarra Residence is a celebration of classic contemporary design. The design creates an understated first impression and a resonant natural materiality, achieved through the use of stone, timber and woven art.

South Yarra House 3

Throughout the interior, quality raw materials in a soft, natural palette and pale, polished plaster are contrasted by light-capturing metallic pieces. Moments of glamour created by soft wall lights throw a warm glow across the walls in the evening, reflecting in the bowls and gold framed artwork.

South Yarra House 4

South Yarra House 5

South Yarra House 6

South Yarra House 7

South Yarra House 9

South Yarra House 9

South Yarra House 10

South Yarra House 11

South Yarra House 13

South Yarra House 11

South Yarra House 14

South Yarra House 15

South Yarra House 16

South Yarra House 17

South Yarra House 18

South Yarra House 19

South Yarra House 20

South Yarra House 21

South Yarra House 22

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