Wakecrest Residence in Malibu, California / ShubinDonaldson Architects

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Wakecrest Residence in Malibu, California / ShubinDonaldson Architects

Project: Wakecrest Residence
Architects: ShubinDonaldson
Location: Malibu, California
Area: 2500 ft2
Year 2017
Photography: Benny Chan

The Wakecrest Residence is a residential renovation exercising the deliberate peeling back and distilling of an original 1962 enclosure organized around a dramatic 180-degree view over the Pacific Ocean in Malibu California. Exposing and refinishing particular features of the existing structure such as the irregular-width wood ceiling boards lining the iconic pitched roof celebrate the memory of the former structure.

Wakecrest Residence in Malibu, California / ShubinDonaldson Architects 1

Home to Architect Russell Shubin, a Founding Partner of ShubinDonaldson, a Southern California based architecture firm specializing in high-end homes, the Wakecrest Residence has been a passion project with multiple iterations. With the recent addition to the home, Russell’s personal vision for the home has finally been completed.

Wakecrest Residence in Malibu, California / ShubinDonaldson Architects 2

The axial program begins at the entry, emphasized by a floating glass canopy and flanking glazed lanterns flowing both figuratively and literally over the reflecting pool, in-between two principle volumes, and into the pitched central living space which is glazed on both ends to completely open up and unify the interior and exterior. The addition of the distinctly separate board-formed concrete bathroom bar expands the floor area of three-bedroom suites to the west while enhancing the purity of the primary building volumes. Floating glass extrusions frame the addition bringing balance to its visual weight while recalling the elements of the entry experience.

Wakecrest Residence in Malibu, California / ShubinDonaldson Architects 3

The design intent refines the relationship between the pure forms distilled from a family of architectonic shapes set against the expansive backdrop of the ocean and distant horizon. Respecting the qualities of the original home through careful study and reinterpretation of its most appealing features while allowing the new design to integrate additional site considerations, Wakecrest contributes an increased level of attention to crafted detail and articulation, bringing new meaning and new life into this modern coastal retreat.

Wakecrest Residence in Malibu, California / ShubinDonaldson Architects 4

Wakecrest Residence in Malibu, California / ShubinDonaldson Architects 5

residential renovation, ShubinDonaldson

residential renovation, ShubinDonaldson 1

residential renovation, ShubinDonaldson 3

Wakecrest Residence in Malibu, Californiaresidential renovation, ShubinDonaldson 4

residential renovation, ShubinDonaldson

residential renovation, ShubinDonaldson 5


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