Apartment in Berlin: Wonderful Connection Between a Living Room and a Large Terrace

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This apartment is arranged in the bright attic of an old building from Berlin, located on a quiet pedestrian street with old trees, various cafes and shops. The total area of the apartment is 114 square meters, of which 98 square meters represent effectively the living space. The living room is merged with the kitchen and dining area, the entire space is connected through some sliding glass doors to a very large terrace. The living room of the residence is connected to the loft by a hallway with two bedrooms with high windows that guide an abundance of natural light. Apart from the bathroom and kitchen, the whole apartment has parquet made of lacquered wood. The big attraction of the apartment is a large revolving fireplace situated in the living room and the splendid terrace rich in plants with an area of 32 square meters. The entire apartment is covered with parquet. ( The total area is 114 square meters, of which the pure living space is approx. 98sqm, the terrace 25sqm and the sloping ceilings approx. 7sqm (living space plus 50% of the area of ​​the terrace and sloping ceilings equal total area) Apartment in Berlin. Photo Credits  Fantastic Frank

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