Atolikos House, an idyllic corner on the Greek island of Corfu

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Atolikos House, Greek island of Corfu

Atolikos House is a beautiful luxury villa located on the Greek island of Corfu, an idyllic corner that fully benefits of a wild landscape, rocky shores and sparkling ocean. The villa is one of the two properties of Kassiopi Estate, a 5-hectare private property, located at a distance of an hour from the city of Corfu.

Atolikos House is an refined place that  revives all of your senses through a bouquet of delicious details and amazing views. The villa offers bright spaces, dominated by white decors and by  the presence of stone, these are the two features of Greece. The house has three bedrooms, each being equipped with iPod docking station and plasma TV. There is a dining area inside, but more tempting seems, dinner on the terrace  under the stars, at the candles light. The villa has an elegant but contemporary kitchen and a barbecue on the terrace where snacks can be prepared outdoors.

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The interior design is a combination of modern decors with rustic design accents, the Greek  traditional , such as an elegant stone fireplace, the presence of the wooden beams on the ceiling or of the cubic stone in the  floor. In front of the villa there is a saltwater pool and lounge chairs for relaxation. From the villa you can descend to a private dock where you can fish,  rent a boat or some water sports may take place. Atolikos House is next  to another private property, Cassiopeia House and both can be rented jointly by bigger groups who desire an unforgettable holiday in this idyllic corner.

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