Residential ArchitectureApartmentsApartment T 195 by Studio Karhard

Apartment T 195 by Studio Karhard

Apartment T 195 by Studio Karhard

Project: Apartment T 195
Architects: Studio Karhard
Team: Thomas Karsten, Alexandra Erhard, Anne Lüdtke, Isabella Lang, Lennart Zemke
Location: Berlin, Germany
Size: 103 m2
Completed 2020
Photo Credits: Stefan Wolf Lucks

The residents of the apartment T 195 in Berlin Mitte approached Studio Karhard with the request to optimize the existing apartment and redesign it for you and her two children.

Apartment T 195 by Studio Karhard

The heart of the apartment should be the interior kitchen with a family bathroom.

kitchen, Studio Karhard

The challenge was the very limited area of the apartment, so that a maximum of space was created using all the design means such as mirrors, slidings and folding doors. Immediately after completion of the planning, another child was approaching.

Apartment T 195 by Studio Karhard

This fact could also be taken into account by the creation of a small but charming second children’s room.

Apartment T 195 by Studio Karhard

The design challenge was above all to visually connect the kitchen with the living room and to plan it spatially compactly. This was implemented by a dark parquet floor and a variety of precisely planned and coordinated fittings from kitchen to many different built-in furniture.

bathroom, Studio Karhard

kids room, Studio Karhard

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