Arthouse / Pominchuk Architects

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Arthouse Pominchuk Architects

Arthouse is a terraced house designed by Pominchuk Architects, a Ukrainian architecture studio founded in 2012.

From the architect: Arthouse is our first built project in the typology of terraced houses. The compact spatial layout of the house, made of several blocks, was largely determined by the small area of the plot and the surrounding urban context.

Arthouse Pominchuk Architects 1

The inner structure of each unit resembles an open “bookcase”, where each living process occupies its own level, all of them being interconnected by means of an open staircase. The proposed layout concept makes a reference to a “rack” within the overall volume of the living block. Connected with the help of an open metal staircase, the levels of the “rack” each serve its own function (kitchen/dining-room; living room; bedroom with bathroom). Besides, each block has its own backyard, which can be accessed from the kitchen-dining room. This unconventional layout of the house originally served as a key to the interior of each of the units.

Arthouse Pominchuk Architects 2

Permeated by sunlight, the interrupted space of the house prevails over colour, texture and other ornamental features. However, while designing the interior in one of the blocks belonging to a cheerful energetic lady, we had to find a compromise between the sterility of the house and its emotional component that could be experienced as warm homeliness. Our close collaboration with the client resulted in a sort of Mediterranean dwelling that combines all the necessary features, striking a delicate balance between integrity and emotions.

Architects: Pominchuk Architects
Project: Arthouse
Architect in Charge: Alexander Pominchuk, Marina Pominchuk
Location: Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine
Area: 285.0 sqm
Project Year 2015
Photography: Ivan Avdeenko

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Arthouse Pominchuk Architects 7

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Arthouse Pominchuk Architects 10

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Arthouse Pominchuk Architects 15

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Arthouse Pominchuk Architects 19

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Arthouse Pominchuk Architects 20

Arthouse Pominchuk Architects 21

Arthouse Pominchuk Architects 22

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