Edwardian House in Fulham / EMR Home Design

Edwardian House

This edwardian house was initially 130sqm and has been extended to 285sqm in 10 months building work. The project was conceived by EMR Home Design. Based in Fulham, EMR has a track record of successful projects in south west London and specialises in lofts, extensions, basements and full refurbishment with spatial re-design.

The main focus has been to work on light, living/social space and accormodate great storage for a family of 6 plus an au pair. Glazing and AV have been key as well, while working with a very tight budget.

Edwardian House 1

Edwardian House 2

Edwardian House 3

Edwardian House 4

Edwardian house 5

Edwardian House 6

Edwardian House 7

Edwardian House 8

Edwardian House 9

Edwardian House 10

Edwardian House 11

Edwardian House 12

Edwardian House 13

Edwardian House 14

Edwardian House 15

Edwardian House 16

Edwardian House 17

Edwardian House 17

Edwardian House 18

Edwardian House 19

Edwardian House 20

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