Faro Barcelona Showroom Space in the El Born Neighborhood

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Faro Barcelona Opens New Showroom Space in the El Born Neighborhood

Project: Faro Barcelona Showroom
Designer: Piedra Papel Tijera
Location: Calle Princesa, 52, 08003 Barcelona
Year 2020
Photo: Ricard Badia

A space to feel and experience the brand’s values, an ideal place for co-creation where inspiration flows. A meeting point for sharing, conversing and exchanging ideas.

Faro Barcelona Opens New Showroom Space in the El Born Neighborhood

Faro Barcelona’s new showroom has been conceived as a versatile space, where the firm’s latest designs in both lighting and ventilation are displayed. The exhibition is transformed through mobile structures, thereby enabling the space to be adapted to the specific needs of each moment. Closeness, wellbeing and functionality are some of the concepts inherent to Faro Barcelona that the brand wanted to convey at the new showroom.

Faro Barcelona Opens New Showroom Space in the El Born Neighborhood

Conceived as a space for co-creation, reflection and exchange of ideas for consolidated professionals, emerging talents and students of design, many different activities will be carried out from the Faro Barcelona showroom to promote creativity and design, art exhibitions, workshops, presentations and talks, among others. A programme of activities that reflects the brand’s collaborative and open spirit. Faro Barcelona’s extensive catalogue is the fruit of the work of its internal design team Faro Lab, as well as the collaboration with different design studios such as Nahtrang, Estudi Ribaudí, Jordi Busquets, OIKO Design and Bohman & Folenius, among others.

retail, Piedra Papel Tijera

Located in the heart of Barcelona’s El Born neighbourhood, the renovation of this space was carried out by the interior design studio Piedra Papel Tijera. The main purpose of this transformation was to preserve the original structure of the building, which dates back to 1872 and is the work of architect Fontseré Mestres, who was also the author of El Born Market, and to provide it with elements that convey cutting edge and modernity, concepts that are in line with the brand’s philosophy. The size of the space, at over 800 m2, makes it possible to display its extensive portfolio of light and fan designs, thereby enabling an overall view of the brand and its creations. Faro coexists with the emblematic lighting shop Biosca Botey, acquired by the group in 2011. Ever since, a young team of dynamic and passionate professionals, led by Xavier Martín, has worked to position Biosca Botey as a point of reference in the world of lighting.

Faro Barcelona Opens New Showroom Space in the El Born Neighborhood

Faro Barcelona Opens New Showroom Space in the El Born Neighborhood

retail, Piedra Papel Tijera

retail, Piedra Papel Tijera

Faro Barcelona Opens New Showroom Space in the El Born Neighborhood
Photo: Ricard Badia

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