Residential ArchitectureApartmentsGlamour Apartment in Milan by Pelizzari Studio

Glamour Apartment in Milan by Pelizzari Studio

Glamour Apartment in Milan by Pelizzari Studio

Project: Art and Glamour Apartment
Interior Designer: Pelizzari Studio
Location: Milan, Italy
Year 2020
Photo credits: Giorgio Baroni
Text by Pelizzari Studio

Located in an elegant early 20th-century building in the center of Milan, the Glamour apartment functions as a fascinating container for the owners’ contemporary art collections.

Glamour Apartment in Milan by Pelizzari Studio

The stuccowork on the ceilings emphasizes the characteristically large spaces of the architecture of the epoch. The original salons were reinterpreted in order to create a certain livability, in step with the times.

living room, Pelizzari Studio

The flooring is in large oak planks in a herringbone pattern that evokes the original finishes.

Glamour Apartment in Milan by Pelizzari Studio

In particular for the living area, the original dimensions were maintained as they were well-suited to the requirements of the new owners. The young couple has enthusiastically put together a collection of works by both established and emerging contemporary artists.

Glamour Apartment in Milan by Pelizzari Studio

The minimalist interiors, which provide the backdrop for the paintings, sculptures and installations in earth colors, are bathed by a perfect light coming through the ample windows of the piano nobile.

dining area, Pelizzari Studio

Some of the furnishing pieces make reference to the 1970s, such as the Lady di Zanuso armchair, upholstered in peacock blue, and the small tables in iron and wood by Pelizzari Studio. The entire project was conceived specifically to accommodate the contemporary art collections.

dining area, kitchen, Pelizzari Studio

The bookcases, in eucalyptus wood with concealed slits for illumination, incorporate display cases in acid-finished iron for hosting sculptures.

Glamour Apartment in Milan by Pelizzari Studio

The apartment is surrounded by green spaces. In addition to the tree-lined boulevard is a small interior garden containing palm trees that seem almost to enter into the bedrooms and bathrooms. Vintage teakwood mirrors in the bathrooms are mounted on walls papered with a bold foliage motif, creating a suspended, Caribbean-like atmosphere.
All around, an almost-silent Milan nonetheless permits the unique culture and fervor of the city to filter through.

bedroom, Pelizzari Studio

Glamour Apartment in Milan by Pelizzari Studio

Glamour Apartment in Milan by Pelizzari Studio

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