Residential ArchitectureLoftsLoVt3 Apartment, Barcelona / NáBITO Architects

LoVt3 Apartment, Barcelona / NáBITO Architects

LoVt3 Apartment, Barcelona / NáBITO Architects

Project:LoVt3 Apartment
Architects: NáBITO Architects
Lead Architect: Bebo Ferlito
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Area: 70 m²
Year: 2022
Photo credits: Adriá Goula

The reconversion of an old parking space into a loft is a project whose goal was to achieve an extremely intimate space, a shell of kindness love, and protection, frozen in time, to hide, relax and enjoy, far from ordinary life.

LoVt3 Apartment, Barcelona / NáBITO Architects The LoVt3 Apartment is located on the slopes of Montjuic in Barcelona. The closeness to Refugio 307, bomb shelter tunnels built to protect citizens during the Spanish civil war is not casual and appears to be an appropriate metaphor.

LoVt3 Apartment, Barcelona / NáBITO Architects Spatially the curtains system empathizes the highness of the space with softness. The use of raw and natural materials is a constant in all the refurbishment. Another characteristic that made the project sustainable has been the use of recycled material and the artisanal execution of the worksite; finishing off the walls, floor, roof, decoration, sanitary elements and fittings like tap and faucets are craft made. Most of the furniture and some lamps and decor elements are handmade too and produced directly by the designer.

living room, NáBITO Architects

“….when I entered in that place for the first time It was immediately clear to me the potential to generate a gentle hideout spot and I found a lot of inspiration from the leftovers present all around, materials and segments of old staff lying on the floor; so I decided to use it. For example, the outdoor sliding gate and the interior stair are made of a metal steel sheet used before for storage in a mezzanine. An old piece of copper gave me the idea for the taps and the faucet and some old wood planks for the round/rectangular kitchen table. Even the white tales were there in a corner. Some jute bags suggested the material for the curtains and cardboard boxes for the drawers…. I really tried to take advantage as much as possible of everything that was found there, using creativity, remembering the origins of the space, and layering all with a touch of different cozy textures giving the magical atmosphere I was looking for for this project…”

LoVt3 Apartment, Barcelona / NáBITO Architects

bedroom, NáBITO Architects

bathroom, NáBITO Architects

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