Residential ArchitectureApartmentsArchers Warehouse by Fare Inc.

Archers Warehouse by Fare Inc.

Archers Warehouse by Fare Inc.

Project: Archers Warehouse
Interior Designer: Fare Inc.
Location: London, United Kingdom
Project size: 950 ft2
Completion date: 2021
Photo Credits: Helen Cathcart
Text and photos: courtesy of Fare Inc.

A unique listed Warehouse Conversion apartment on the banks of the river Thames, where the brief was to refinish the space to compliment the original beams and columns that give the dwelling so much character.

living room, Fare Inc.

To achieve this the space was finished in tactile paints and rustic grade flooring, and finally dressed with monochromatic Scandinavian furniture and eclectic brutalist and eastern treasures.

Archers Warehouse is a cottage style gem that looks to be floating on the river.

living area, Fare Inc.

How is the project unique?
The river Thames is right outside the window, so much so that it feels like a country cottage floating on the water.

Archers Warehouse by Fare Inc.

Who are the clients and what’s interesting about them?
Our client’s have lived in manly cities around the globe and have finally settled in London. Their past residences have always been close to amazing bridges, and from the apartments window there is an unrivalled view of London Bridge, alongside the varying architectural styles of London’s skyline.

Archers Warehouse by Fare Inc.

kitchen, Fare Inc.

Archers Warehouse by Fare Inc.

bedroom, Fare Inc.

bedroom, Fare Inc.

Archers Warehouse by Fare Inc.

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