1653 Residence, Kansas City / Studio Build

1653 Residence / Studio Build

Project: 1653 Residence
Architects: Studio Build
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Area: 2800 ft²
Year: 2014
Photo Credits: Bob Greenspan Photography

The 1653 Residence stands as a testament to modern living in Kansas City’s vibrant Westside neighborhood, a community cherished for its eclectic blend of restaurants, small businesses, and urban dwellers who thrive in the heart of the city. This home’s proximity to downtown enhances its appeal, offering a blend of urban convenience and residential comfort.

Upon approaching the 1653 Residence, the alignment with the home’s interior circulation presents a clear, orderly introduction to its layout. The architectural design is characterized by a straightforward parti, effectively separating public and private spaces through vertical circulation. This design strategy allows for an open floor plan with minimalistic use of walls, making the space feel expansive yet intimate.

Spanning approximately 2,800 square feet, this unique residence skillfully combines compact efficiency with modern elegance. It features three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and an open office space situated on the third floor, providing a perfect blend of privacy and openness.

Custom casework throughout the home, designed and fabricated by Studio Build from their nearby office in Kansas City’s Crossroad’s District, adds a bespoke touch to the interior. Among the standout features of the 1653 Residence is the master bathroom, a concealed oasis accessed through one of the built-in closet doors. It includes a soaking tub nestled within a shower enclosure, with skylights above that bathe the room in natural light, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Recognizing the premium on off-street parking in urban settings, the residence includes a two-car garage accessible via the alley at the rear of the property. This thoughtful inclusion not only enhances convenience but also adds to the home’s appeal in a densely populated neighborhood. Overall, the 1653 Residence exemplifies modern urban living, where design efficiency meets the dynamic lifestyle of downtown Kansas City.

dining area



dining area

living room

entry hall, 1653 Residence / Studio Build


bathroom, 1653 Residence / Studio Build

kids room, 1653 Residence / Studio Build

workspace, 1653 Residence / Studio Build

1653 Residence / Studio Build

section, 1653 Residence / Studio Build

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