Nearhome, Rome / Brain Factory

Nearhome, Roma / Brain Factory

Project: Nearhome
Architects: Brain Factory
Location: Rome, Italy
Area: 70 sq. m.
Completed 2020
Courtesy of Brain Factory

When planning a trip, the choice of staying in a luxury hotel does not always reflect the ideal solution to fully experience the city; Sometimes a more informal accommodation such as the Bed and Breakfast creates a more genuine and welcoming opportunity to get to know the place and the people, able to make the city live without sacrificing comfort and creating a unique experience of its kind.

In a city like Rome, where neighborhood life is the founding soul that characterizes the lifestyles of the people who live there, everything close to home becomes essential for people. In this way, a B&B can become the link between the guest and the city, trying to make people feel not inside an accommodation facility but finally at home.

Nearhome, Roma / Brain Factory

The project of this B&B located in the heart of the Prati district in Rome, not only enjoys an excellent position well served by public transport and close to places of cultural interest, but thanks to the view of Piazza degli Ammiragli, full of greenery and vitality, with a view of the dome of San Pietro, offers a wide range of relaxation and tranquility compared to the chaos of the city.

Nearhome, Roma / Brain Factory

The interior design is minimalist and essential, enlivened by pastel shades such as powder pink and olive green. The open-space is strategic thanks to the central realization of an equipped wall made of masonry and plasterboard which on one side houses the television and the niches for objects and on the other side becomes the support wall of the kitchen, embellished with tiles from geometric designs in pastel tones.

Nearhome, Roma / Brain Factory

The feeling of living, even if for a few days, in a warm and welcoming home is reinforced by the use of wood-effect porcelain stoneware on the floor installed in all rooms, including the bathroom. In addition to the spacious and welcoming double bedroom, the sofa in the open space can be transformed into a comfortable bed. Even the lights with their geometries draw, as in an abstract painting, ethereal volumes.

kitchen, Brain Factory

dinng area, Brain Factory

bedroom, Brain Factory

bathroom, Brain Factory

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