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Paris Flat by The Room Studio – A House Designed to Live It

Paris Flat by The Room Studio

Project Name: Paris Flat
Interior Design: The Room Studio
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Year 2020
Text and photos: Courtesy of The Room Studio

Who said that a new construction home could not have this magic? The Roomers have done it again, they have turned a lifeless and soulless project into the perfect home for a young couple made for them: to enjoy with friends, to host their visitors, to cook their favorite dishes, to have a few drinks Saturday night and to live every inch designed as they dreamed of.

living room by The Room Studio

Located in a privileged area in the center of Barcelona, the Paris flat has been obtained where you can breathe light, spaciousness and energy. Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech already warned it when they saw the house for the first time: <<this flat has many possibilities>>, and they were not wrong! They got a complete facelift and was given the kindness and friendliness of a house worth living in.

kitchen, The Room Studio

The kitchen area was opened, avoiding compartments and obstacles that prevented light from going through every corner. All those elements “that nobody wants to see” but which everyone needs to access were hidden, and a very fresh and current environment was created. Interior design and decoration work was done in detail, preserving timelessness but including modern lines and wallpapers with personality. Ultimately, a project was made for the use and enjoyment and it was possible to create a balanced and harmonious home.

dining room by The Room Studio

kitchen by The Room Studio

Paris Flat by The Room Studio

bedroom by The Room Studio

Paris Flat by The Room Studio

Paris House by The Room Studio

Paris House by The Room Studio

Paris House by The Room Studio

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