Residential ArchitectureHousesRhode Island Street House by CMA Development

Rhode Island Street House by CMA Development

Rhode Island Street House by CMA Development

Project: Rhode Island Street House
Interiors, DD, Build: CMA Development
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Project size: 6000 ft2
Site size: 2500 ft2
Completion date: 2022
Building levels 4
Photo Credits: Blake Marvin Photography

This lot, within a quiet residential enclave in industrial Potrero Hill, hosted an old cottage from the 1900’s. With generous setbacks on all sides and covering only a single story, the existing structure did not meet the requirements of maximizing density and creating a modern home to fit in the immediate surroundings. A plan was implemented to create 3 new apartments over 4 levels, each unit featuring two levels and stacked over each other in a dynamic fashion. New views of Twin Peaks, the Bay and the mid block open space gardens are features of each unit.

living area, CMA Development

kitchen, CMA Development

What were the key challenges?
The key challenges were the demolition of the existing single family home. In order to demolish, or remove, any unit in San Francisco requires a Conditional Use permit, and to meet the strict requirements of the open space, area allocations, unit configuration, and aesthetic requirements of the San Francisco Planning Commission.

stairs, CMA Development

What were the solutions?
Create equal sized units, create units over multiple levels, create a car stacker to maximize unit area and minimize floor area taken by off street parking, multiple private decks over living spaces, private rear yard open space, create a modern and compatible triplex.

living room, CMA Development

What are the sustainability features?
Solar Ready Roof, High Quality Insulation, High Quality Fenestration, Low VOC materials, FSC certified Wood. LEED Platinum.

living room, CMA Development

bedroom, CMA Development

bathroom, CMA Development

kitchen, CMA Development

terrace, CMA Development

Rhode Island Street House, CMA Development

Rhode Island Street House by CMA Development

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