Residential ArchitectureRenovation ProjectsRosethorn Residence by Atelier Riot

Rosethorn Residence by Atelier Riot

Rosethorn Residence by Atelier Riot

Project: Rosethorn Residence
Architects: Atelier Riot
Design Team: Ava Nourbaran, Sally Kassar, Fadi Salib
Contractor: Modern Renovations
Millwork: Studio Hand
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Completed 2021
Photo Credits: Riley Snelling
Text by Atelier Riot

Located north-east of the Junction, Rosethorn is an interior renovation project for a single family home. Originally built as three separated living areas, the narrow ground floor-plan is re-designed to be open and bright with two integrated L-shaped objects. The first “L” consists of a custom built millwork bench and storage for the living area, catering to a young growing family with need for storage within a compact space. The second “L” connects the kitchen to the dining with a full height pantry, coffee bar and integrated washer/dryer. The materials are selected to be warm and inviting yet durable for a rapidly growing young family.

kitchen, Atelier Riot

open shelving, Atelier Riot

floor plan

Rosethorn Residence by Atelier Riot

millwork details, Atelier Riot

Rosethorn Residence by Atelier Riot

Rosethorn Residence by Atelier Riot

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