Shilo Ranch Compound by Miller Architects

Shilo Ranch Compound

Set in Montana’s tranquil Shields River Valley, the Shilo Ranch Compound by Miller Architects is a collection of structures that were specifically built on a relatively smaller scale, to maximize efficiency.

The main house has one bedroom while the two guest homes can accommodate the addition of 12 friends and family. There’s also a common gathering hall for dinners, games and to gather round a large fireplace.

Shilo Ranch Compound 1

Overall the design strives for sophisticated simplicity with plaster walls, wood paneling and concrete floors graced with an exterior of weathered boards.

Shilo Ranch Compound 3

The placement of each building was considered closely when envisioning how people would move through the property, based on anticipated needs and interests.

Shilo Ranch Compound 2

Sustainability and consumption was also taken into consideration, as evidenced by the photovoltaic panels on roof of the garage, and the capability to shut down any of the compound’s buildings when not in use.

Shilo Ranch Compound 4

Shilo Ranch Compound 5

Shilo Ranch Compound 8

Shilo Ranch Compound 7

Shilo Ranch Compound 6

Shilo Ranch Compound 9

Shilo Ranch Compound 10

Shilo Ranch Compound 11

Shilo Ranch Compound 12

Shilo Ranch Compound 13

Shilo Ranch Compound 14

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