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Soho Triplex by Studio Razavi Architecture

Soho Triplex by Studio Razavi Architecture

Project: Soho Triplex
Architects: Studio Razavi Architecture
Location: New York, United States
Area: 415 m² (4.470 SF) interior+130 m² (1.400 SF) terraces
Date: 2022
Photo Credits: Simone Bossi
Text by Studio Razavi

The project brief was to connect three existing but separate floors to create a single family home with rooftop & terrace access.

To build a home – a place where people can sense each other’s presence – we opted to sacrifice floor area. Two separate floor openings were created, one in the intermediate slab, another one through all floors for the stairs. A large bronze finished helix which acts as the house’s central core. This contributed in creating a feeling of generosity on an otherwise modest floor plate, becoming a remarkable architectural feature by itself.

Soho Triplex by Studio Razavi Architecture

kitchen, Studio Razavi Architecture

Because a specific effort was made to design exquisite details, a sense of variety was created, enhanced by a beautifully crafted ensemble of daily life architectural and domestic objects, complemented by both custom designed furniture pieces and a selection of mid-century and contemporary designers.

dining room, Studio Razavi Architecture

A material palette comprising walnut, marble, glass, steel, bronze and finely woven fabrics elevates the experience and offers different sensations based on which side of the building they are and time of the day. The large street facing arch was restored to its initial intended glory with a single pane of glass encased in a steel structure.

interior staircase, Studio Razavi Architecture

Site specific artworks and others from the clients’ collection complete and further enhance the spatial experience but more importantly contribute to making this project a home. The Soho Triplex home includes a range of furniture from midcentury modern pieces to more recent creations.

Soho Triplex by Studio Razavi Architecture

living area, Studio Razavi Architecture

living room, Studio Razavi Architecture

bedroom, Studio Razavi Architecture

Soho Triplex by Studio Razavi Architecture

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