Residential ArchitectureHousesWhite House in Toronto / Cindy Rendely Architexture

White House in Toronto / Cindy Rendely Architexture

White House in Toronto

Architects: Cindy Rendely Architexture
Project: Addition and interior renovation
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Year Completed: 2014
Builder: Arthur Ross Ltd.
Photography: Scott Norsworthy

Cindy Rendely Architexture have designed White House, a house with completely white interiors for a family in Toronto, Canada. A White House is a complete departure from the traditional home that originally occupied the site. The Clients, influenced by the Bauhaus aesthetic, envisioned an all-white house. Hence, the architect incorporated a variety of textures and materials – including white felt-clad walls, white Corian panels forming the fireplace wall, a white metal exterior cladding system and white-washed brick – to create an all-white home that was still warm and inviting.

White House in Toronto 1

White House in Toronto 2

White House in Toronto 3

White House in Toronto 4

White House in Toronto 5 White House in Toronto 6

White House in Toronto 7

White House in Toronto 8

White House in Toronto 9

White House in Toronto 10

White House in Toronto 11

White House in Toronto 12

White House in Toronto 13

White House in Toronto 15

White House in Toronto 16 White House in Toronto 17

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