Moema House / Tria Arquitetura

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura

Signed by the brazilian office Tria Arquitetura, led by the architects Sarah Bonanno and Marina Cardoso de Almeida, the Moema House is located in São Paulo (Brazil) and has, as the most important characteristic the integration between the internal and exterior areas.

When the young couple sought Tria Arquitetura to renovate the original house of the 70s, they had as their desire to maintain the memory of the house and take advantage of existing structures. The original structure of living room, kitchen and bedrooms worked well and was maintained, however, all environment shad their doors open and increased to allow more natural lighting and ventilation.

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 1

The backyard of the house was the area that suffered most changes: the existing room was demolished and gave way to a covered barbecue area with toilet and laundry area and, furthermore, an outdoor sitting area with a beautiful and cosy garden.

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 2

To integrate the barbecue and bring more ‘green’ to the internal area of the house, Tria created a glass cloth in the kitchen which is also the dining room. In this way, as soon as you enter the house, you can see the garden at the back of the house and the surroundings gain amplitude.

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 3

The element that unites all the environments and maintains the memory of the house is the original brick that, when being peeled through out the house, exposes a little of the history of the house with the ancient paths of the conduits and the age of construction.

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 4

On the upper floor, a bathroom was created for the second bedroom and the master bedroom turned into a suite. The slab on the lower floor turned into a small private balcony. Except for the brick that was kept, all the floor, wall and windows coverings were replaced, bringing identity and contemporaneity to the house.

Architecture: Tria Arquitetura
Project: Moema House
Area: 115 m2
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Photography: Julia Ribeiro

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 5

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 6

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 7

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 8

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 9

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 10

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 11

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 12

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 13

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 15

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 15

Moema House by Tria Arquitetura 16

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