Hospitality ArchitectureRestaurant Interior DesignPiur Pizza Restaurant in Valencia by Masquespacio

Piur Pizza Restaurant in Valencia by Masquespacio

Piur Pizza Restaurant in Valencia by Masquespacio

Project: Piur Pizza Restaurant
Interior Design: Masquespacio
Location: Valencia, Spain
Completed October 2019
Area: 500 m2
Photo Credits: Luis Beltran

The project developed for Piur starts with the previous investigation of its brand strategy and the values expressed by the client from which honesty, the use of a fresh product and a concept inspired by the Valencian origin of its founders can be highlighted. Another important fact transmitted by the client is that the visitors of Piur are persons that desire to have a moment of joy together with their family or friends.

Piur Pizza Restaurant in Valencia by Masquespacio

Thereby, the design first of all seeks to find a concept that could connect with the Valencian origins of Piur’s founders and at the same time could work as an attraction point for the restaurant visitors.
Ana Hernández, creative director from Masquespacio: “We decided to pay a tribute to one of the most important buildings of our city.”

With the Central Market not only one of Valencia’s most relevant examples of Art Nouveau was chosen, but also the best place for the ones in search of a natural product of major quality.

Piur Pizza Restaurant in Valencia by MasquespacioGetting back to the design we can recognize clearly the emblematic ornaments from the Central Market’s façade through the wide variety of lights that create personalized corners and give the users the opportunity to live a new experience every time they visit Piur; from a romantic dinner for 2 to a relaxed lunch with the whole family.

Piur Pizza Restaurant in Valencia by Masquespacio

On the other hand materials that remind to nature like wood and terracota tiles were used. The color palette equally is a reference to earth, next to a touch of red that symbolizes the color of the tomato as one of the main ingredients used tu prepare a pizza.

interior design by Masquespacio

Last but not least, the venue of 500 m2 is developed to offer the consumer a different stage every time he visits Piur Pizza Restaurant, making him live a unique moment that disconnects him from his daily routine, with a bit of comfort that reminds him to its own home.

Piur Pizza Restaurant in Valencia by Masquespacio

interior design by Masquespacio

Piur Pizza Restaurant in Valencia by Masquespacio

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