Residential ArchitectureApartmentsRoom in the Roof by Variant Office

Room in the Roof by Variant Office

Room in the Roof by Variant Office

Project: Room in the Roof
Architecture & Interiors: Variant Office
Structure: Ian Harben Consulting Engineers
Main Contractor: Construction Management by Ecovia Build
Joinery: Joaquim Patricio
Metalwork: Bradwell Blacksmith
Bespoke Lighting: Variant Office
Tiling: Reed Harris & Marakkech Tiles
Location: Kilburn, London, United Kingdom
Size: 120 sq m
Completion: October 2020
Photo Credit: Rachael Smith

Variant Office were asked to convert a loft in Kilburn. The family was keen to extend their modest 1.5 bedroom property into a 3-bed family home. Their instinct was to convert and sub-divide the loft into a series of bedrooms with the living spaces on a reconfigured lower floor. We felt that it would make better sense to use the 4 metre high space at the ridge by flipping the plan and have the living spaces in the converted loft. We flipped this strategy to provide a grand room in the roof.

kitchen, Variant Office

As part of the works we refurbished the entire property, upgraded the insulation throughout and installed a mechanical ventilation & heat recovery system to improve the energy efficiency of the house.

Room in the Roof by Variant Office

A restrained palette of natural materials in oak, birch ply, and blackened steel was used to create a light airy home for the family.

Room in the Roof by Variant Office

bedroom, Variant Office

Room in the Roof by Variant Office

Room in the Roof by Variant Office

stairs, Variant Office

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