Courtyard Cottage / Wolveridge Architects

Courtyard Cottage

Designed by Melbourne-based firm Wolveridge Architects, Courtyard Cottage is a single-storey courtyard home for a family of three in Flinders – a town on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula, Australia. Photography is by Derek Swalwell.

Courtyard Cottage 1

Courtyard Cottage 2

Courtyard Cottage 4

Courtyard Cottage 3

Courtyard Cottage 6

Courtyard Cottage 7

Courtyard Cottage 8

Courtyard Cottage 9

Courtyard Cottage 5

Courtyard Cottage 10

Courtyard Cottage 14

Courtyard Cottage 11

Courtyard Cottage 12

Courtyard Cottage 15

Courtyard Cottage 16

Courtyard Cottage 17

Courtyard Cottage 18

Courtyard Cottage 19

Courtyard Cottage 21

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